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Are you looking for a way to customize your iPhone or iPod keyboard?
Do you have a picture matching with your wallpaper but you do not have a way to put it as your keyboard background?
Keyboard+ is a mobile app which lets you customize your iPhone or iPod keyboard and make it look awesome! So, decorate your iPhone keyboard with your favourite images and much more!
Keyboard+ is an integrated keyboard customization app for iPhone and iPod with an iOs 8 or above, which lets you modify your keyboard with in-built themes and your favourite pictures you have in your storage. You can use this keyboard in place of your default iOS keyboard and get a whole new feel and design for your iPhone keyboard. Use this app with any other third-party app in which you can type and customize your background images anyway you like!
App Features:
* The app provides an all new look and feels keyboard themes.
* The users can choose from 19 predefined themes, and customize their backgrounds accordingly.
* You can access the built-in store and purchase a number of different themes, from 21 themes up for the grab.
* You can decorate your keyboard text by choosing from 19 different font styles and designs.
* This app provides a system integrated keyboard.
* You have the option to modify and change the background, colors, fonts and texts in any way you like.* A user-friendly app and easy-to-use interface, which allows the users to customize their keyboard with any picture they like.
So, are you ready to customize your iPhone or iPod keyboard the way you like? Get Keyboard+ now and modify your keyboard to make it awesome!