iexpense dairy


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  • SqlLite


iExpense Diary is an application that allows you to keep a tab on your expenses. iExpense Diary helps you to control your expenses, category wise, like- home, groceries, amusement, medical, insurance on a daily basis. It got total of 22 categories for expenses which will help you to control your expenses category wise on per day basis. It also helps you to forecast your expenses for your future endeavor. It also gives you freedom to select your payment mode of the expenses. It let you select from Cheque, Credit Card, Debit Card and Cash to state your payment mode giving you an aid in keeping track of your account so that no amount is lost.

Reports can be generated date-wise, week wise and also it will show you monthly expenses. On the basis of reports, Pie Charts can be created which will give you a pictorial view of your expenses percentage wise based on all the categories where you have spent your money.