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Webriver® is an enterprise application that provides exclusive features for business as well as for educational
* Tourism
* Transports and Parcel Services
* Cable Operators
* Small Scale delivery companies / agencies
* Vehicle Tracking
* Field Officer Task Allocation, Status & tracking
* Event Organizing Services

App Features
Exclusive set of handpicked features designed with highly adaptable and wrapper model application which
enables you to provide hassle free business services to your respective customers or run your business
services in elegant and organized manner. These features include
* Service to customer Creation, Tracking & Organizing
* Jobs to your employees / field officer, tracking & organizing
* Engaging customers with field officers collaboratively
* Communications
* Navigation (Live tracking, Offline tracking for minimum 7 days during the officers tenure of servicing period)
* Marketing (utilizing your customer base and provide marketing by conveying offers & other details to customers at any point of time through EMAIL / SMS)
* Employees Management
* Online Digital Payments
* Customer Service Desk
* Technical Support or Assistance Support service desk
* Much more interesting features that are business class enterprise with Mobile apps supporting the core intelligence

Webriver® Education Exclusive Features Webriver® is an Enterprise primarily focusing on career. This feature is exclusively available only if the registered clients are institutions. If they are not institutions, automatically, it will facilitate the other features apart from education.
Enhancing student’s career: In general, students are multi-talented in this generation and they pursue their
career based on the current market trend but they forget to strengthen their most talented skills. This current
generation tries to pursue their career based on their skills rather than the current market trend
Involving Latest Technologies: We have upgraded technologies involvement in multiple platforms such as in
sports (high tech gadgets, high tech broadcasting, high end analytics etc.), Medical (high end equipment’s, high end technologies etc.) and in other various platforms.

Focus: We are focusing all the users who has access to internet (Web and Smart phone apps or doesn’t have access to internet (Normal SMS and Customer Support).
Target Audience’s: Students, Parents, Teachers and Organizations Organizational Types: Schools (Matric,State Board, CBSE and ICSE), Colleges (Engineering, Medical, Arts and Science, Business schools and Management courses).
Key Lights
* Parents need their children skills to be analyzed and groom their skills using their own talents. This will provide their children the best and satisfied future
* Students need their doubts or guidance at their own convenient timing. They need to have a A.I who can guide them to the people whom they need inputs from (career based)
* Teachers would love to see their talent recognized throughout the nation. Wide opportunities are provided for teachers to groom their students and their career as well.
* Institution brings advanced educational standards. It draws attention to the students and parents ensuring a better education. Enhanced analytical methodologies to get implemented with cloud computation power
* Integrated job portal system allows employees to be hired quickly and based on their needs. Consistency and accuracy of data will minimal the cost of background verification and speed up the procedure of hiring quickly
* Anytime education will prevail enabling students to access the internet at any time. People who cannot afford money, could get free assistance to education.
Webriver® is a trademark copyrighted to KeeVee Commerce Solutions LLP
Email: To register with us, either write to info@webriver.in