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Mobile App Porting

Why Choose Mobile App Porting Services

In today’s fast-paced digital world, mobile apps have become an integral part of people’s lives. However, with the increasing variety of mobile devices and operating systems, it can be difficult for app developers to create an app that works seamlessly across all platforms. This is where ViPrak Web solutions comes in. ViPrak Web solutions specializes in mobile app porting, which involves adapting an existing app developed for one mobile platform to another platform. By porting an app, developers can increase the app’s reach and accessibility, improve user experience, and ultimately generate more revenue. Our team of experienced developers can help bring your app to new platforms, whether you have an existing app that needs to be ported or are looking to expand your app’s reach. We provide a seamless and stress-free porting experience to help you reach a wider audience and grow your business.

Why choose ViPrak Web Solutions for Mobile App Porting

Mobile App Porting

ViPrak Web Solutions is a leading provider of mobile app porting services, with a team of experienced developers who specialize in adapting existing mobile applications to work seamlessly across multiple platforms.
When it comes to mobile app porting, ViPrak Web Solutions offers expertise, customization, quality assurance, timely delivery, and transparent communication. We understand the challenges of creating an app that works seamlessly across multiple platforms, and we have the technical know-how to make it happen.

Here are some reasons why you should choose ViPrak Web Solutions for your mobile app porting needs:


Our team of experienced developers has a deep understanding of mobile app porting and can help you expand your app’s reach and accessibility.


We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals, and we tailor our services to meet those needs.

Quality Assurance

We use rigorous testing and quality assurance processes to ensure that your app works seamlessly across all platforms.

Timely Delivery

We understand the importance of delivering projects on time, and we work hard to meet our clients’ deadlines.

Accelerate Your Business Outcomes with Our Diverse Industry Experience

Designing customized software solutions for various industries

Our team has proudly served over 1000 + projects worldwide for the past 15+ years, gaining valuable experience across a diverse range of industries. With this knowledge, we understand the unique challenges and expectations that each industry faces and can provide tailored solutions to help accelerate your business outcomes. Trust us to develop a unique solution quickly and efficiently based on our understanding of your specific requirements.




Mobile app porting involves several options, such as cross-platform mobile app development frameworks, native app porting, and hybrid app porting

Our mobile app porting services include:

Cross-platform mobile app development

Cross-platform frameworks like React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter allow developers to use a common codebase to create apps that can run on multiple platforms.

Native app porting

This approach involves rewriting the app’s code to work on a new platform. It offers optimal performance as the app is built using the platform’s native tools and APIs.

Hybrid app porting

Hybrid app porting combines native and web technologies to create an app that works across different platforms. This approach offers the best of both worlds as it leverages the performance benefits of native apps and the flexibility of web technologies.

Our Services

What We Offer

ViPrak Web Solutions offers professional mobile app porting services to help businesses reach wider audiences and expand their customer base. We understand the importance of having a mobile app that works seamlessly across different platforms and devices. Our team of skilled developers has extensive experience in porting mobile apps to various platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and more.

Our comprehensive range of services include:

Platform Migration

We help you migrate your existing app from one platform to another without losing any data or functionality. Whether it’s moving from iOS to Android or vice versa, we ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition.

Version Upgrades

Our team can help upgrade your mobile app to the latest version of the platform it is built on. This ensures that your app remains up-to-date with the latest features and functionality, providing a better user experience.

App Optimization

Our team can optimize your mobile app to run faster and smoother on different platforms by optimizing the code and reducing the app size. This ensures that your app performs well and provides a better user experience.


We can port your mobile app to multiple platforms, making it accessible to a wider audience base. With our expertise in cross-platform development, we can ensure that your app functions seamlessly across different devices and platforms.

Security and Compliance

We ensure your app meets industry security and compliance standards. We conduct security audits and implement measures to protect user data and ensure GDPR and HIPAA compliance, giving peace of mind to you and your users.


Our commitment extends beyond launch. We provide continuous support and maintenance, ensuring optimal app performance, security, and timely updates. Our dedicated team guarantees a seamless experience for you and your users post-deployment.

At ViPrak Web Solutions, we prioritize our clients’ needs and work closely with them to ensure that their mobile app porting requirements are met. We are committed to providing high-quality services that are timely and cost-effective. Contact us today to learn more about our mobile app porting services.

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