Anytime Clinician

ANYTIME clinician

Anytime Pediatrics clinician application is for you as a pediatrician or pediatric clinician or specialist to connect with your patients via telemedicine. Your patients or their caregivers can request an “on-demand” visit or be able to reach you for an already scheduled appointment.
The visit will enable you to see and hear your patient via a secure video and audio connection.
The clinician can also request that the patient upload or picture and can instantly message with the patient or caregiver.
The pediatrician can set hours or turn on or off when they are available.
Please tell your families to download our patient app, and make sure they enter your practice code when they complete their registration.
We are the only pediatric specific app for telemedicine.
Our goal is to connect you with your patients and families.
Please review our app and tell us what you like or how to make this the best solution for you to connect with your pediatrician or clinician.

Tech Stack
iOs : Swift, Twilio SDK
Android: Kotlin, Twilio SDK

App store:
Play Store: