Vaccine Record for travellers


Users can record details of their vaccines, and have those details to hand when needed, either by referring to the app, or emailing a summary.

If you lose your vaccination records, it will cost you time, money, and pain in the arm to have vaccines repeated.

VACCINE RECORD FOR TRAVELLERS also allows users to set reminders, so boosters are not forgotten.
You can even store a photograph of the yellow fever certificate in your device.

There is a paper-based yellow International Vaccine Record book that is carried by travellers world wide. This app is the digital version. This app does not replace the paper version but is a handy tool so vaccine information is always with you in your iPhone or iPad.

This app was developed by Dr Deb Mills, a Travel Medicine specialist for over 20 years.

Tech Stack
iOs : Swift, iCloud
Android : Kotlin, iCloud

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